Have you got a green thumb when it comes to cultivating joy?


Joy doesn’t come your way by chance, it’s something that you need to cultivate in your life. 🌻

However, what is JOY? 🤔

Unlike the temporary feeling of happiness which relies on external sources, Joy comes from within and is an innate part of who you are and how you express yourself.

The practice of cultivating JOY is just that, a practice that is your responsibility to commit to in order to harvest the benefits of JOY.

Here’s some ideas to help your cultivation.

1. Find ways to be of service 💙
It has been long said that to give is to truly receive so finding ways to help others provides you with a greater sense of connection & belonging along with a healthy dose of JOY.

2. Practice Gratitude 🙏
By focusing on what you are grateful for, your mind starts to actively look for things, people & situations which shifts your perspective and increases feelings of JOY.

3. Who’s Got Tickets in Your Front Row? 📜
You are influenced by those closest to you & whom you spend the most time with. Some people can drain your energy whereas others fill you with love and light. Take a moment to review those in your front row to see if they inspire, encourage and support you.

4. Practice Self-Compassion 🌈
Let go of the need to compare yourself with others and start practicing self-compassion. JOY comes with acceptance and as you practice embracing yourself for the wonder that you are, you create space for different opportunities to present themselves in your life.

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