Happiness Warning: Beware of the Muster-bation Epidemic


There is an epidemic sweeping the world as people search for happiness which can result in the development of Musterbation.

Read on to learn the cause, symptoms & the treatment to assist you in your recovery.

Your Ego mind is convinced that you can’t possibly be happy until you struggle & suffer in life. The Ego decides to tell you stories that you quickly believe as your truth resulting in misery.

You find yourself thinking & believing a variation of the following statements:
I ‘must’ be liked by everyone
I ‘must’ always get it right
I ‘must’ weigh less
I ‘must’ always be in control
I ‘must’ be perfect all of the time
I ‘must’ hide my feelings
I ‘must’ never let my guard down & so on

A simple two step treatment is available as follows:

1. Start monitoring your internal dialogue and your verbal word. When you observe yourself being affect by ‘musterbation’, stop & silently acknowledge the Ego’s statement & release it. It has no meaning unless you give meaning to it. Reword the statement with a ‘could’ statement.

For example: I ‘must’ do the housework today… is changed to I ‘could’ do the housework today.

As you practice this method you develop new thought patterns that override the nagging voice of the Ego.

2. Most importantly, decide to be happy now, right where you are in life regardless of what the Ego is telling you. Through developing your self-acceptance & giving yourself permission to be happy, you release the Ego’s control & its relentless demands.

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