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When your body is trying to tell you something & you are just not getting the message…

The niggly headache, the tightness in your neck, your sleepless nights are the subtle messages that your body is using to get your attention. 

We tend to ignore these messages brushing them aside, taking a quick fix tablet, soldiering on despite the inner turmoil, silencing the messages we simply don’t have the time for.

Ignored for long periods of time these unheard messages grow restless of our ignorance & decide to ramp up their bid for our attention by creating a dis-ease which results in a visit to the Doctors looking for an explanation of what is wrong & a quick fix prescription.

Yet, if we have responsibility for our life & in particular our health, we view our bodies messages in a different manner. The niggly headache has us stopping & questioning what our body is wanting us to know. 

It could be as simple as we haven’t drunk enough water today or perhaps persistent headaches are our body’s way of highlighting feelings of being overwhelmed or frustrated. This message can provide us with an opportunity to look at our life to identify where we are feeling overwhelmed & frustrated, allowing us to make the much-needed changes in our life.

The real secret to our health is to take responsibility for understanding how our body’s messages apply to our life & what we can do in response to them. 

With responsibility we are no longer silencing ourselves nor are we looking for a quick fix as a cure. We step out of the role of being a victim of life & into our own power to create the health & the life that we want to experience.

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