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Change Your Life With PSYCH-K®

Ready to change your life in minutes? Are you frustrated, stuck in the same patterns, or working hard without getting the results you deserve? Struggling with anxiety over stressful situations? Psych-K wi;; help you transform your results and achieve the life you want.

Science shows that limiting subconscious beliefs can prevent you from achieving your full potential in every area of your life.

The good news is, there's a simple solution...

PSYCH-K® allows you to change limiting subconscious beliefs to create a life you LOVE!

With PSYCH-K® you can reprogram the subconscious mind fast! Unlike many forms of energy psychology, it's quick, efficient, pain-free, and proven.

Get ready to change your beliefs and change your life!

“The ‘secret of life' is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.”

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Cell Biologist, Speaker, Author

What is PSYCH-K?®

PSYCH-K® uses a series of quick, easy, pain-free and proven processes to put your mind in a Whole-Brain state. This state activates “super learning” — the ability to synchronize the hemispheres of your brain and quickly download NEW beliefs into the subconscious. These NEW beliefs create a NEW reality. They can improve how you feel, behave, interact with others, and view your world.

Created by Rob Williams, M.A. and endorsed by Bruce Lipton, PhD., this form of rapid belief change produces results far beyond affirmations, positive thinking, willpower, and most self-help programs

PSYCH-K® helps raise your level of consciousness. This opens up a new level of connection with yourself, others, the world, and spirit. As a result, you can experience greater intuition, improve relationships, feel more fulfilled, and connect with the energy of abundance.

Psych-K Change your life in minutes

The possibilities are endless as you become the creator of your own happiness prescription.

“PSYCH-K® is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit the expression of your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience.”

Rob Williams – Originator of Psych-K


PSYCH-K® changes subconscious beliefs to help you create the health and life you deserve!


Science shows how limiting subconscious beliefs can prevent you from reaching your full potential in all areas of life. PSYCH-K® allows you to change limiting subconscious beliefs to create a life you LOVE!

Why care about subconscious reprogramming? Your life is a reflection of your subconscious mind. Neuroscientists estimate that over 95 percent of reality is created from subconscious beliefs. Unfortunately, most of these beliefs are limiting and self-sabotaging.

Not sure if You Have Limiting Beliefs?

  • Do you feel frustrated, unfulfilled, blocked, or lost?
  • Are you working hard without getting the outcome you deserve?
  • Does it feel like something's missing in your life?
  • If things aren't working out how you want, it’s likely due to your subconscious beliefs.

These limiting beliefs within the subconscious mind create blockages that affect all areas of your life. PSYCH-K® can help you improve your self-esteem, relationships, finances, career, health, body image, mood, athletic ability, spirituality, and more.

“All it takes is one person in any generation to heal a family's limiting beliefs”

Gregg Braden Scientist, Speaker, Author

What can you change with PSYCH-K?®

You can use this rapid belief change process to reprogram beliefs or perceptions. These perceptions can be stressful or traumatic situations, known or unknown. They can be past, present, or future events. These can include phobias and addictions. You can even reprogram your experience at birth, in the womb, and from past lives.


Change Your Perception of the Past

Although PSYCH-K® can’t change the past, it can change how you perceive and respond to past events. This creates a more emotionally detached way of dealing with problems. It gets you out of the victim mentality and allows you to take relaxed action instead of quickly reacting. Also, many people are unknowingly triggered by past events and stress. This rapid belief change process gets your body out of the stress response and into a relaxed state of being. This is the optimal state for healing on all levels.


Change Your Stress Response

Many people get stuck in this stress response. Why? Your subconscious is constantly on alert for potential attacks. This can be exhausting in today’s high-stress world.

Stress is the number one contributor to health problems and illness. Living in a stressed state depletes you physically, emotionally, and energetically. Based on your body’s physiology, you can’t be in a healing state and a stressed state at the same time. Your mind doesn't know the difference between a real stress or a perceived (not real) stress. So if there's any kind of stress present, your body will focus on responding to it. As a result, this compromises healing and other basic functions.

Getting your body into a relaxed state is crucial if you want to feel better, improve your health, and lose weight. 


Heal Your Mind, Heal on All Levels

Changing at the level of the subconscious and superconscious results in soul healing. When your soul is whole and healthy, then you'll begin manifesting the life you want. From your beliefs come filters that can influence the way you perceive reality.

PSYCH-K® Belief Statements empower you to create beneficial beliefs and filters that enable you to experience reality from a different perspective. This often leads to deep healing on all levels. It can drastically change your life for the better.


Change Your Perception of the Future

Can it help future events? Yes, it can help future situations, trauma, and stress. For example, you might have a loved one that will pass away soon, job interview, or divorce approaching. These are all perceived stresses. Your mind is anticipating these events as stressful before they’ve happened. PSYCH-K® can help you perceive future events in a healthier, more relaxed, and positive way. As a result, this can create a more favourable outcome. But, first you have to remove the old, sabotaging beliefs/perceptions and replace them with new, empowering beliefs/perceptions.

"I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my life by changing my beliefs. I was instantly energized because I realized that there was a science-based path that would take me from my job as a perennial 'victim' to my new position as 'co-creator' of my destiny. This process is called PSYCH-K®."

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Cell Biologist, Speaker, Author

How to Prepare Before a PSYCH-K® Session

A little preparation on your behalf can maximise the benefits you will receive from the PSYCH-K® Process.

Here are some tips to help you identify the root cause of your issues for faster, more effective results.

Pre-Session Prep

  • Create an intention, such as self-love, find my voice, etc.
  • Write down 1-3 things you would like to focus on (per session)
  • Optional: write some Belief Statements

Dig Deeper Into the Subconscious

Limiting subconscious programs are usually unknown. However, you can examine potential areas, beliefs, and patterns that could be the result of subconscious programs.

When you identify and reprogram a core issue it can automatically address other issues. For example, it's like updating the software on your computer. After the main software has a "system update," the other programs that operate within that software will update automatically. That's also how your subconscious mind works.

Change subconscious beliefs that limit your life!

4 Areas of Your Life to Examine


What areas of your life would you like to improve?

  • Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance, Confidence
  • Relationships, Communication, Connection
  • Health, Healing, Well-Being
  • Traumas, Distressing Situations, Fears, Phobias
  • Money, Finances, Abundance
  • Career Success, Purpose, Fulfillment
  • Body Composition, Fat-Loss, Performance
  • Spirituality, Divine Connection, Intuition, Transformation
  • Addiction

What do you tell yourself?

  • I never/always…
  • I’m frustrated/struggling with…
  • I don’t deserve…
  • I’m not allowed…
  • It’s not safe to…


  • I struggle to lose weight no matter what I eat.
  • I never feel like my partner hears what I have to say.
  • I'm frustrated I don't have more money.
  • I don't have much confidence.
  • I wish I was more successful in my career.

Examine your life. What do you NOT want...

  • What’s not working?
  • What do you struggle with?
  • What do you have to work hard on?
  • Why are you working so hard?

What would you like your life to be like?

  • I deserve…
  • I'm allowed to...
  • It's safe for me to...
  • My life is filled with...
  • I am...


  • I deserve unconditional love.
  • I’m allowed to express myself.
  • It’s safe for me to lose weight.
  • Money flows into my life effortlessly.
  • My body is strong, flexible and healthy.

Set the Space for Your On-Line Session by:

  • Hydrate before and during the session.
  • Make sure your WiFi connection is strong.
  • You’ll need privacy and full attention.
  • Keep your hands free by using a speaker or earbuds.
  • Optional: Have a pen and paper available to take notes.

“We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles.”

Gregg Braden Scientist, Speaker, Author

What to Expect After PSYCH-K®...

The benefits of PSYCH-K® can be profound. Once the subconscious mind is reprogrammed, shifts start to take place. During and after a PSYCH-K® Session, many people feel relaxed, calmer and lighter. People often experience a great sense of clarity and trust. Others feel more "in the flow" with a greater sense of love, joy, peace and connection. The shifts are often subtle. But, sometimes the shifts are BIG. The more you continue to take action to make these NEW Beliefs part of your reality, the greater the results you’ll experience.

  • Check-in with yourself weekly and note any changes.
    • What's different?
    • Are your NEW Beliefs happening?
    • Any shifts in your life, behaviours, body?
    • How do you feel?
    • Identify new areas of limiting beliefs for future PSYCH-K® sessions
  • Celebrate every step in the right direction. Even tiny victories create HUGE life-changing energetic shifts!
  • Contact Lee-Ann for support.
  • Be open and patient with the process. It took years to create these subconscious beliefs. Some issues may require a few sessions.


Ready for a PSYCH-K® Session?

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for easy-to-understand answers to common PSYCH-K® FAQ?

Let's face it, subconscious reprogramming can be a confusing and overwhelming topic. Don't worry though as Lee-Ann will guide you throughout the process and answer any additional questions.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information. We offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation as well.

PSYCH-K® is a form of energy psychology (EP). EP is a mind-body approach for understanding and improving the psyche. It focuses on bioenergy systems. This includes meridians, energy centres and the biofield to support natural healing.

Lee-Ann is trained in a variety of energy psychology techniques such as PSYCH-K®, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Medicine.

PSYCH-K® is a proven form of energy psychology. It uses simple, pain-free, and easy processes to put you in a "Whole-Brain State." This allows you to change subconscious beliefs that restrict your potential in life. Neuroscientists also believe this leads to higher levels of consciousness.

It's pronounced "sy-kay." "PSYCH" is an alternative spelling of "psyche." It means mind, soul, or spirit. The "K" stands for the KEY to sustainable change. By freeing your mind, you also free yourself from limitations.

PSYCH-K® can improve every area of your life. This includes self-love, self-acceptance, confidence, communication, relationships, connection, abundance, money, purpose, fulfillment, career success, health, well-being, weight loss, body composition, spirituality, intuition, divine connection, transformation, and more. It can also help reprogram phobias, distressing situations, traumas, and addiction.

PSYCH-K® is most effective for people who are really committed to getting results. It is best suited for people who are highly self-responsible and determined. Using the processes may require confronting frustrating, uncomfortable or unpleasant beliefs we hold about others or ourselves. It is best suited for people who are curious and willing to approach their life with openness and a loving desire to change. PSYCH-K® calls us to step into our personal power and confront that which we may have been running from for a long time. If you’re ready to change, PSYCH-K® can work wonders in your life!

PSYCH-K® is a spiritual process with mental and emotional benefits. It's not used to heal physical issues. However, PSYCH-K® helps identify and resolve underlying subconscious limitations, or stress that lead to unwanted health issues. Resolving these areas often supports self-healing. It can also help you realise and embrace your own powerful healing ability.

PSYCH-K® is a tool to help you transform limiting subconscious beliefs. PSYCH-K® creates potential that you must take action on to create results. It doesn't guarantee results however a Whole-Brain State can result in significantly more potential to manifest your desired outcome.

PSYCH-K® is most effective if you’re fully committed to the process and take action. The more mindful and determined you are, the better. 

Also, uncomfortable emotions often arise. It’s your choice to ignore them. Or you can acknowledge them, hear their messages, and release them. This is when deep healing happens.

Most people start with three 1-hour sessions and space them 1-2 weeks apart. You want enough time to integrate. But not too much time where you lose focus of what you're working on.
After you complete your first 3 hours, it’s helpful to space your appointments 2-4 weeks apart.
For follow-ups that are longer than 3 months apart, it’s beneficial to have a 1 ½ hour session.
Remember it is important not to be discouraged if your life isn’t perfect after one session. Your life is complex. It may take a few sessions to get the outcome you want. Be patient and active with your healing process. 

Most of our sessions are remote. To do this, Lee-Ann receives permission from her higher self and your higher self beforehand to be a “surrogate” for your muscle testing. This means she does the muscle testing on your behalf. Lee-Ann prefers video sessions so you can do the movements and postures together. Remote sessions are just as effective. You will still fully experience the shifts that occur. 

Added Bonus: remote muscle testing can also be used to help friends, relatives and even pets!

Result Timeline

It depends what you're working on. The results are usually felt immediately, but can also unfold after the session.

Take Action for Faster Results

During a session, you'll create Action Steps of easy and doable things you can do now. These help manifest your NEW Beliefs. For best results, you want to take action immediately. Continue with your Action Steps until you get the results you want.

Trouble-Shooting Results

If you're taking action but not getting results, then contact Lee-Ann. She'll help you dig deeper into core issues that may need reprogramming. She can also look at secondary gains that might be preventing your success. She'll discuss this in detail during your session.

Duration of Reprogramming Results

Once you Balance or reprogram it could last a lifetime. Your new beliefs remain in place until newer beliefs supersede them or they’re no longer needed.

Revisit or Revise

Balances may need to be revisited and revised as your goals evolve. Traumas and distressing situations can also create the need for additional Balances.

Questions to Consider

If you find yourself re-creating patterns you previously Balanced, then ask yourself, “What benefits do I gain from the old thoughts or behaviours?” This can reveal secondary gains that may have created the problem. The topic of secondary gains is discussed during sessions.

Yes, Yes and YES!! Brain Mapping (qEEG) offers scientific validation that changes are made within the brain during the PSYCH-K process.

Neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, worked with Rob Williams to document the effectiveness of P-K. With Brain Mapping technology they created solid research. This research shows the value a PSYCH-K® Whole-Brain State and its role in the evolution of consciousness.

Can find out more at: Science Behind PSYCH-K.

“If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t… you’re right!”

Henry Ford

PSYCH-K® Review – Lee-Ann Lovegrove

Founder of The Happiness Prescription & PSYCH-K® Facilitator

"PSYCH-K® has and continues to transform my life!"


Experiencing cancer as a teenager sparked a passion within me to understand how the mind, body & spirit is connected and the role our subconscious mind plays in creating our health & happiness.

This passion has led me to explore many different modalities however PSYCH-K® is the MOST EFFECTIVE when it comes to identifying & changing limiting beliefs and fast tracking your desires.

PSYCH-K® has dramatically increased my levels of self-love and self-esteem as well as improving my relationships, health, finances and much more. I have even used it to reprogram anxiety around medical check ups and other stressful situations.

PSYCH-K® truly gives you the gift of freedom to create your own happiness prescription and to live a life that is loving, joyful and fulfilling – which is a life that we all deserve!


Ready for a PSYCH-K® Session?

Recommended Viewing

Bruce Lipton recommends & endorses PSYCH-K®...

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a Cell Biologist, epigenetics expert, world-renowned speaker & best-selling author.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. has played an integral part in bridging the gap between science and spirit. His incredible research has made a major impact on our understanding of the science of love and the power of the subconscious mind. Bruce uses PSYCH-K personally and endorses it professionally.

He recommends many belief change modalities. However, his top choice is PSYCH-K. Bruce Lipton said, “I teach with Rob Williams the originator of PSYCH-K. This is the modality that I use personally and with which I am most familiar.”

Best-selling books by Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution, & The Honeymoon Effect.

Watch Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. as he explains PSYCH-K and why he uses it...


Find out in this video why Bruce Lipton recommends PSYCH-K and be intrigued as Bruce explains how you’re not a victim of your genes and that Epigenetics shows your interpretation of your environment is what controls your health.  As Bruce says “You might live in a perfect environment, but if you perceive it to be threatening (say from an old belief), then your cells respond to your perception.”

Re-Write Your Beliefs

Bruce explains that the key to improving your life is to find out what subconscious programs control it. Why? Your life is a printout of these unknown programs. How do you find them? Look at where you're struggling. What do you have to work really hard on and why?

Once you identify the areas to improve, then you can re-write your subconscious. There are only 3 ways to do this. The first way is through hypnosis. This creates a theta brain state, the same state you operated from before age seven. The second way is through repetition. An example of this is repeating a mantra until it becomes a habit. This method takes a lot of time and effort. The third way is using energy psychology. And Dr. Bruce Lipton's favourite form of EP that he recommends is PSYCH-K.


Why Reprogram Your Mind?

In this video Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about how to reprogram your mind. He describes why early childhood is designed to download programs into your subconscious. This is how you learn to be a functional member of your family and society. After age seven, over 95% of your life operates from these unknown programs.

What's the problem? Unfortunately, many of these programs are not helpful. They're even negative and self-sabotaging. These programs are why rich people stay rich and poor people stay poor.

But, the good news is, you can use PSYCH-K to change these subconscious programs that limit your life. P-K is much easier and quicker than hypnosis, repetition, and other methods.


“Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation.”

Lao Tzu, ​Chinese Philosopher