Is your ‘Self-Love Tank’ running on empty?

Running Empty-min

In a world where there is so much pressure on women to balance family and career commitments, we can end up neglecting our own needs resulting in an empty self-love tank.

Some of the symptoms of running on empty can be:
♦Emotions such as sadness, guilt & anger
♦Feelings such as irritability, overwhelm, a loss of direction
♦Thoughts such an endless To Do List playing in your head
♦You don’t know what makes you happy any more, 

How do you stop yourself before you completely burn out?

There are several things you could do however first things first – create some space for yourself so you can take stock of your current situation. 

Perhaps this will mean getting up early one morning, putting the kids to bed before their normal bedtime or locking yourself in the toilet with a notebook & pen just to get a moment to yourself.

List all of your duties & commitments for each day of the week, write down which areas of your life you are feeling overwhelmed and ask yourself why you are feeling that way. Be honest with yourself with your answers you are only lying to yourself if you aren’t.

It may take a little while to finalise your list so keep it with you and add to it as you go about your day.

Your next step in this process to reconnect with yourself is for you to make yourself a cuppa and review your list. ☕

Highlight the duties / commitments that are permanent fixtures in your weekly routine, it may be meeting work deadlines, taking the kids to soccer training, to school, to dance class, doing the grocery shopping etc.

Ask yourself if there are any areas where you could ask someone to help you out. (I know the very thought of asking for help can almost be scary for so many reasons however most people love to help when they are asked…don’t you love it when a friend asks you for help?)

Perhaps you could ask a co-worker for assistance, car pool 🚗with another family that attends the same school or after school activity, maybe you could utilise a shop on-line service & have your groceries delivered to your door? 🛒

I also want you to look for the sneaky commitments that have made themselves at home in your weekly schedule because you feel obligated to do them. 

Reflect on each of these obligations by asking yourself what benefit are they bringing to you? Are they something you want to continue? Do they need to stay in your life taking up your valuable time?

What we want to achieve in this process is to identify areas in your week where you could dedicate sometime for yourself to do something you like. Even if it’s just 20 minutes it’s a start in the right direction. ⏰

Hopefully you have found yourself at least a 20-minute gap in your schedule for yourself to do something you enjoy.

It’s time for you to write yourself another list of what brings you joy and be warned you may find this activity challenging because when we spend our lives focused on giving to others, we lose touch with the things that brings us joy. 🖊📖✨

You may find yourself racking your brain trying to reconnect with what you once enjoyed only to draw a blank and start to panic because you realise how disconnected you have become. 

Take a deep breath and affirm that all is well. You can continually add to this list so don’t stress if you only come up with one or two.

On my list of joyful activities are things like having a cup of tea in my garden, walking on the beach at sunset, dining out at restaurants that have crisp white table cloths & napkins and watching other people experience joy. They are simple everyday things that make my soul smile.

Once you have your list started, pick one activity that brings you joy and schedule it into you week as a non-negotiable. Make it happen for yourself and put a deposit back into your self-love tank.💗

You may be feeling that it would be too hard to do this however there is one thing for you to remember: ‘No one deserves your love more than yourself & without self-love you won’t fully experience the love of another.😊💗

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