My Just In Case Life…

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I have been living with melanoma since I was 12 & there isn’t any way to sugar coat it, I hated my skin for all of the things that I had to do ‘just in case’…

Here’s some examples so you can understand what I mean.

  • I am getting dressed in the morning – Despite the ridiculously hot weather I have to wear clothes that cover my skin from the sun just in case (no skimpy cool clothes for me).
  • I have to put sunscreen on just in case I am out in the sun.
  • I am walking from the shops to my car – I better put a hat on just in case I get sun burnt.
  • I won’t accept the invitation to go to the beach with friends – just in case they want to stay for a long time and I get sunburn.
  • I notice a difference in a mole – I better go to the Doctors & get it surgically removed adding yet another scar – just in case it is a melanoma.

Since learning about self-love, I discovered that we can never fully love ourselves until we embrace every single part of ourselves, the good & the perceived bad. For me the constant rejection of my skin was only depleting my self-love tank causing me to think & act out of fear. 

This realisation helped me change my fearful self-talk in to loving self-talk:

🧡 It’s because I love myself, I wear suitable clothes for me

💙It’s because I love myself, I put on sunscreen & a hat

💚 It’s because I love myself, I suggest to meet in a sun safe location

💜 It’s because I love myself, I have regular skin checks

This simple change of perspective has my self-love tank receiving deposits each day & creates enjoyable experiences in my life.

Perhaps there are parts of you that you are not fully accepting & consequently depleting your own self-love tank?

Start sending those parts some love today through your thoughts, speech & actions as just in case you didn’t know it already … no one deserves your love more than yourself. 💗

Wishing you a ‘just in case’ day of self-love,


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