What my dog taught me…


Recently I was walking our dog ‘Lucy’ along the beach & was amused by her unconditional love for life. 🐶💜

I thought about the things Lucy was teaching me as I watched her run here & there at great speed enjoying the freedom of being off the restraint of her leash.

🙋‍♀️ It’s okay to say hello to strangers, regardless of their shape, size, clothes etc. Just go right up to them & introduce yourself with a smile. There’s a greater chance of them being friendly than there is of them being unkind. 

🌴 The present moment is the only place to be. Lucy was at the beach, she wasn’t worried about what she was having for dinner or things she had to do when she got home. She was completely present & enjoying what was in front of her in the moment. 

💕 Check in on the people that you love. Even though Lucy ran all over the beach she would continually come back & check in with me before she raced off after a seagull ensuring that I was never alone on our walk & that I was ok. 

🥤 Drink plenty of water & make time to rest. After we returned home, Lucy had a big drink of water & rested for half an hour as if to let the benefits of her walk work their magic before she went about the rest of her day. 

Perhaps we could all benefit from taking ourselves ‘off the leash’ & enjoy the freedom that comes with an unconditional love for life. 😊

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